23rd Aug. 2019 JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) adopted our proposal "Feasibility Survey for Demining Robot Installation to work efficiently and protect the safety of deminers".Hereafter, we will start negotiation with JICA for our contract conclusion.
(JICA Public-Private Partnerships)
29th Mar. 2019 NAITO TAISYUN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION adopted our reserch and development issue (Robot hand for removing objects underground) and they decided to provide us the subsidy for the development costs of the robot hand.
1st Nov. 2018 We had concluded a business alliance agreement with Innovative Operations Systems Inc.(Tokyo Shinjuku-ku, CEO:Yoshiaki Ohkami Ph.D.in Engineering) to develop and commercialize landmine removal robots.
25th Oct. 2018 Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry approved our management strengthening program based on the enhancement Act for Small and Medium sized companies in 10th October 2018.
6th Sep. 2017 Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry approved our R&D plan based on the Act for the Sophistication of Basic Manufacturing Technology of Small and Medium Enterprises in 22nd July 2016.
Based on certified plans, we introduced the new equipment and started manufacturing high quality castings.
31st Jan. 2015 We integrated our Tokyo sales branch to Mobara head quarters.
20th Nov. 2014 We acquired ISO9001:2008 certification.