What is the largest size that can be produced?

We are able to produce components with the size of 350 x 450 x 450(mm) and 20kg in weight. In details please refer to Technical Information. >>>
Our most common lines are of relatively small size that can be put in the palm of a hand.

What kind of component will be more suitable to this technology?

It is worth while for the product with shapes that are very difficult to machine. For example, shapes such as screw fins with 3 dimensional curved surfaces are also able to be mass produced easily. Further, you will be able to freely design without considering any processing restrictions, and, therefore, the product will be close to the ideal shape to be expected and you will enjoy laborsaving and less weight.

What kind of devices will it be used for?

Our lost wax products are applied to the devices in various kinds of industries such as airplane, automobile, bicycle, agricultural machinery, automation apparatus, chemical, food and medical devices, optical and inspection equipment, tools for construction, electric tools, medical instruments, etc. As another application quite different from industrial use we have also supplied memorial goods and figurines of the twelve zodiacal signs represented by animals.

How precise is the dimensional accuracy of the product?

As a standard for your reference we shall announce the commercial tolerance of ±1% for length (i.e., 50±0.5 mm at 50mm length). For details please refer to Technical Information. >>>

What kind of materials will be used?

You can choose the materials so as to meet your requirements among carbon steel, carbon tool steel, stainless steel, heat resistaneet steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc. For details please refer to Handling Materials. >>>

How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery time of lost wax products is somewhat longer due to required additional processes compared with die casting, forging and sand casting, etc. For details please refer to Manufacturing Process. >>>
It requires about 1.5 – 2 months until the completion of the trial product because it is necessary to make a mold, and it will be about 1 – 1.5 months for mass-production. However, if you would especially request a more prompt delivery we will make a best effort to satisfy your requested delivery time. because as a smaller company, we can be more flexible.

Necessary points to utilize effectively a Lost Wax Technology

To put "R" for both outside and inside angle

A lost wax is weak at sharp edges due to characteristics of casting. An inside angle will be the cause of cracking and an outside angle will be the cause of bad forming or of bruises.
If you would put "R" as much as possible, you will be able to enjoy good quality and beautiful lost wax products.

To reduce the weight of the product

A reduction of wall thickness is easily obtained in lost wax technology due to being formed by the mold. A weight reduction will be connected to energy saving on the production line and a cost saving of the product.

The hollow

The hollowing will be possible up to the thickness of 2-3 times compared to diameter of the bore in hollow-through and is possible up to the depth of 1-2 times compared to diameter of the bore in a non-hollow-through respectively. However it may not be able to form if a diameter of the hollow is too narrow and the conditions of the place to be hollowed are not suitable. On the other hand, there is also the product which the length of more than 10 times of the hollow diameter is possible to hollow when the conditions will meet the situation. Please contact the person in charge of sales if you would like to know details.

The Gate

A lost wax method is a type of casting method and needs so called "Gate" which melted metal is poured into. If you have prepared the position to place the Gate beforehand through designing the product. it is very favourable for obtaining high quality and the cost saving.