April, 1968   Established as Hirata Manufacturing Works Ltd.
August, 1970   Changed to a Joint-Stock Corporation
July, 1972   Established Nippon Mini-Cast Co., Ltd.
September, 1975   Established Fine Metal Co., Ltd.( A name of foundation is Keigi Co., Ltd.)
August, 1977   Changed the name of Hirata Manufacturing Works to Nippon Lost Wax Casting Sales Co., Ltd.
May, 1978   Changed the name to Nippon Lost Wax Co., Ltd.
November, 2009   Nippon Lost Wax merged the precision casting and molding division from Nippon Mini-Cast Co., Ltd. and Fine Metal Co., Ltd. respectively.
May, 2010   Established Tokyo Office.
Moved the Head Office to Mobara factory in Chiba.
January, 2013   Moved Tokyo Office.
Corporate Name   Nippon Lost Wax Inc.
Established   April, 1968
Capital   ¥12 million
Representative   President , Shoichi Sakuma
Employees   29
Sales Items   Manufacturing and Sales of Lost wax precision casting products,
Design and Manufacturing of the mold
Head Office & Factory  
Minami Yoshida 1230, Mobara-shi, Chiba 299-4104, Japan
Tel: 0475-34-8354, Fax: 0475-34-7359
Tokyo Office  
18-18, Coop Nomura Motoyawata Building -15, Minamiyawata 4-chome, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba 272-0023, Japan
Tel: 047-314-1541, Fax: 047-314-1543
Main Customers   ISEKI NIIGATA MFG. Co., Ltd. / KIHARA Works Co., Ltd. / Kyosan Electric Mfg., Co., Ltd. / Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. /
Hayakawa CO., LTD. / TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION / Makita Corporation / Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation /
J. MORITA TOKYO MFG., CORP / Yamatake Corporation / Yamato Special Steel Co., Ltd. / Yushin Spring Co., Ltd., /
Yokohama Precision Co., Ltd. / The Yoshida Seiko Co., Ltd. / RHEON AUTOMATIC MACHINERY CO., LTD.
Main Vendors   ACE INDUSTRY CORPORATION / Epoch Industry Co., Ltd. / Ohtake Gaishi Co., Ltd. / TOYO ADL CORPORATION /
Moritake Shoukai Co., Ltd.
Main Bank   The Chiba Bank, Motoyawata Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ichikawa Yawata Branch
High Frequency Induction Furnace 2   Shot-Blast Machine 4   Spectrographic Analysis Device 1
Electric Furnace for
Aluminum Alloy Melting
1   Sandblasting 3   Electric Discharge Processing
Device for Wire Cutting
Heavy Oil Furnace for
Copper Alloy Melting
1   Air Hammer 1   NC discharge Processing
Gas Furnace for Mold Firing 2   Water Jet 1   Milling Machine 2
Electric Furnace for Heat Treating 2   Alkali Treatment Line 1   Lathe 1
Hydraulic Injection Machine 20   Various Kinds of
Polishing & Cutting M/C
20   Universal Grinding M/C 2
Various Kinds of Coating Line 1   Hydraulic Press 3   Drilling Machine 1
Autoclave with Boiler 1   Testing & Inspection line 1   Universal Sawing Machine 1
3D CAD/CAM 1